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DAYTON 500 SUNDAY, February 19TH 2023 | 2:30 PM ET

Daytona Speedway

DAYTON 500 SUNDAY, February 19TH 2023 | 2:30 PM ET

Main Event

To be here and witness the DAYTONA 500, in person, is to take part in something iconic and momentous. Every moment means more here. The energy, excitement, and power of being here live will stay with you for a lifetime. This is The Great American Race!

We are the only patented fan sponsored 501(c)3 nonprofit Team!

We are just like you….a racing fan that wants more! Collectively, fans could and should have the best racing teams available at a low cost, shared as a crowd funding sponsor. So what does that mean? It means that you are the most important part of racing. The forgotten people that makes it all happen! 


You get to have a voice in MyRacingTeam.com and say in what goes on and pick the colors of the team ,the driver ,crew chief , the crew and a lot more because it's…

We are giving fans that drive NASCAR just what you want… to be part of the team!

Anybody can be a fan club member but who wants to just be that?   It's time for the fans to take a stand and show corporate America that together we can run the best cars and teams the world has ever seen!

We believe where racing started with the good ole folks out in the middle of nowhere, that nobody ever heard of, could make a car go faster, run longer, perform better, out drive anyone else, we know your still out there and we want you to help us show the world that we can beat the socks off those well funded corporate backed (advertising) sponsorships and that the little folks mean business too!!!

It's simple in order to compete (we mean WIN ) and run a full schedule it takes funding. We have a 501 (c)3 non-profit tax exempt company set up for sponsorship donations to fund the teams. With your support, those forgotten FAN’s put together a little pocket change as low as $10 month… that's like one and a half cups of coffees at Starbucks or a beer at a race!

So… if racing means more to you than that cup of coffee and you want to be part of the action, then what are you waiting on teammate sign up NOW!!! Just think when you sign up your days of just being a fan is over and you become one of the most important people in racing…a teammate!  Just ask yourself can you do it alone (maybe) OR  how much easier will it be if we do it together.

Racing has always been a tight niche community only they just never asked the fans to be involved until now! We are the only patented team sponsored by fans that knows what you have been dreaming of.

Here is my personal phone # 843-429-1440  if you have a question or concerns!    I bet you can't get Rick Hendrick, Jack Roush , or Richard Childress on their personal cell if you had a question!  We aren't like them. We are just like you…. fans that love to see this sport come back to the Glory Days when racing was Fun and So Exciting that you had to be part of it!

Help us save racing for future generations to come while making the best team in the world!


800-454-TEAM (8326)

F.Y.I - We will not sell or email or send you any email advertising cause there is no corporate sponsors!

But we will invite you to all myracingteams.com events!   

Motorcycle Drag Racing

Not everyone likes just to turn left, some like it fast and straight! So if it's racing then it is MyRacingTeams.com! Big shout out to my man Nate Carnahan, the 2021 AHDRA SUPER PRO World Champion!

Drag Racing

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Hope to see you there!




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