Bill Fordyce

Bill Fordyce...not to be confused with the Force Guy...unless your in his rear view mirror but then it won't matter because you just got smoked. Arguably the funniest guy at the track and undoubtly fastest all week at Galot Dragstrip. Ran a 3.83 - 200+ MPH in an 8th of a mile. It's faster even saying M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I!

HE"S GONEEEEE.......! is super excited on the WIN at Galot Dragstrip!

We can't wait to DO IT AGAIN!!

***Oh yeah, Justin keep up the good work!


********************************************** has a big shot out to Mr. Tony and only his close friends know him by that and we are glad we do now! was created for people just like him a person that loves racing , but more important that showing others that they matter and that you care that sometimes it's just the simple things in life that keeps us going. 


Thanks Mr. Tony!


Travis Laster Jr.

Travis Laster Jr. is without a doubt the fastest guy in College Football!! He just ran a 4.30 .... quick is not the word for it....more like AWESOME!! Great job Travis Jr. We can't wait to see how much faster you will get. Big shout out to the Laster family where his Mom and Dad races as well. They are a great group of people that everyone should get a chance to meet. Travis Sr. builds one mean motor for those who may need one when he is not racing or being crew chief for the rest of the team.


Mike Dilorenzo

If he doesn't beat you in an 1/8 mile then he could feed you to his piranha at the Fish Bowl....yea..that's right...he's got one of those! Anyone looking for that aqurium you always dreamed of, Mike is the man!

We really enjoyed spening time with him at the track this weekend and looking forward to many more. would like to thank Mike Dilorenzo for his service in the Air Force and all other veterans.

The Fish Bowl - Dover Delaware


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fish bowl

Marshall Groom

Let's talk about Marshall Groom...

I don't know where to start. If you spend 5 minutes with this man you will get a history lesson we could all learn by. Wether it's from his $100,000 wins at races or just from the equality that life has showed from people judging a book by it's cover! is glad to be part of the ride. (Old School) show them how it's done. We promise you will go done in history and we will never forget you. 


Tommy Plott

Wow! What a guy. Everyone at the track knows him and says nothing but good stuff about him and he is always the guy to beat. He drives probably the fastest 1965 Mustang that you have ever seen. is not just proud but honored to be part of this journey. Tommy...let that STANG ROAR!!