At we are not just about winning! We are about a whole lot LOOKING! What is looking? It's not winning. Well..let me explain looking isn't always seeing. Huh?? How about looking with your ears. That's right...looking also means a quest....kind of like a treasure hunt. We know what racing is for but what is it about.

  1. Place...
  2. Place...
  3. Place...

Well..if that's all that matters you have already LOST!

For racing is about going fast while taking it slow. "Stop to smell the roses" ...that's what Jimbo always said...RIP. 

No matter if you win or not you should be thankful for the opportunity you've been given. The people and the time put in to getting there. The pounds you lost sweating in the garage, or at the track, or in the car. The knuckles that you busted and the blood that you lost. 

More importantly be gracious for the friends that become family along the ride.